Introduction to Nondual Intimacy

Introduction to Nondual Intimacy
A Six Week Study Group Based on The Instruction Manual for Receiving God, written by Jason Shulman
Facilitated by: Aliza Scharf-Bendov, LCSW
In this six week series, based on the Instruction Manual for Receiving God, written by Jason Shulman, an internationally known author and spiritual teacher, we focus on a nondual approach to intimacy and relationship to ourselves, others and God.
As Jason says in Receiving God, “it is the actual, continuous, omnipresence of God that is so hard for the human mind to fathom. We always look in the wrong direction: toward someplace else, toward something mysterious and far away…. But God is not missing or elusive or invisible. It is we who need to make ourselves ready to receive God, who is always knocking at the door of our hearts, whose Voice is always speaking, whose Heart makes our hearts beat, and whose Breath is the world.”

To begin, we take a look at God/Reality/Awakening and as God as the Ultimate Container. The series continues with a look at life as being a mystery of love, what it means to have an open heart, receiving God and using our creativity to become an artist of our soul. We continue with being with God as a nondual state, including a focus on life and death as nested opposites and finally we arrive at knowing God/Reality/Awakening as our birthright and destiny. This six week series explores a nondual approach to our human life and all that it is, including our barriers and blocks to being with life and therefore being able to receive God – All That Is.

Aliza Scharf-Bendov, LCSW is a Psychotherapist and Kabbalistic Healer in private practice in NYC. Aliza also utilizes her training in family therapy and hypnosis in her holistic approach to health and healing in her work with clients. Aliza has published “A Jewish Holiday Reader; Lessons on Healing from a Psychotherapist’s Perspective” in addition to various articles on spirituality and psychotherapy.

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