Break Old Habits

Live Consciously

So much of our lives are lived out of habit, even when those habits do not necessarily serve our best interest. Through examining our automatic thoughts, feelings, and reactions in a compassionate, yet more conscious light, we learn we actually have choices.

We begin to see gaps and junctures between our thoughts, feelings and reactions. This allows us to see where we usually opt for the same patterns and habits, and gives room for us to challenge those.

When we experiment with new choices, options we never knew we had, we start to see different results. We see our lives take a turn in a direction that somehow carries us to a place that feels more real, free, and yes happy.

Find Happiness

I believe happiness and joy are natural states to be discovered as we walk this earth. I believe it is this pursuit that is our deepest drive and motivation and yet so many of us find ourselves lost and deeply unsatisfied.

Through the process and journey of therapy, you will be able to access a realm of joy and happiness you may not have thought possible. This is a deep joy in both the small and mundane as well as the magnificent and lofty. This is the joy of a life fully experienced, through a more healed and wider lens.

About Aliza

Aliza has sat with life's deep existential questions for as long as she can remember. She has committed time to the sole experience of spiritual study, but found the experience to provide fractions of the depth she had been seeking.
She longed for an authentic outlet for application that would continue her own quest but also include the healing journey of others. She then went on to embark on her professional journey completing her bachelors and masters degrees in the field of social work. She found this to be the most direct and humble approach to counseling and confronting human suffering through the lens of the psychological, social, biological, and spiritual.
Since completing her masters degree at the NYU School of Social work in 2007, she has completed advanced clinical training in modalities including adolescents, family systems, psycho-dynamic, and hypnosis.

She has also completed a four year intensive training in a healing modality called Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, an approach that includes healing of the wounded ego as well as unification with the oneness of reality.

Aliza is passionate about her work as a psychotherapist and healer and considers this a calling that she was meant to fulfill. She considers this position of service to be a deep honor and joy. Aliza also considers her journey as a wife and mother to have served as her greatest teacher.

Aliza has published several articles on themes of spirituality, Judaism, and healing and is the author of

A Jewish Holiday Reader; Lessons on Healing from a Psychotherapist's Perspective.

available for review and purchase on Amazon